(The Real) Louis Brantmeyer (belovedbyhimhis) wrote,
(The Real) Louis Brantmeyer

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What is the meaning of life? At 11:35 on a Tuesday? Lj-cut is.


Ha. I win. Evil looses. And my joke died before I could write it (fancy that!).
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LJ-Cuts might be the meaning to life....that, or the Hokey Pokey. It IS what it's all about! Right?
I think it can be both, heheh...it probably is, lol!
i saw your post in proveyourgod, and i would have replied there but i kind of left the community due to the amount of ignorance i've had to deal with when 'trying' to share my proof. if you'd like to, which i really think you should (it might interest you) look back to the place where i posted or visit www.submission.org and read the section where it says 'mathematical miracle.' the other topics are definately worth a read as well. if you are sincerely looking for God, when you see the truth, your heart will know..follow your heart. peace.
Thank you very much, hidden secret!

you're quite welcome, lou :)

if you have any questions feel free to contact me.