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Wow. THE most awesome day of my entire life....so far...perhaps...

This is kinda funny. It's Friday the 13th, which is irrationally held to be "bad" by some (though there's no reason any "day" could be bad in itself!) and causes paraskevidekatriaphobia. Yes, it took me like five minutes to learn how to pronounce that. And it took about fifteen more for me to be able to write it. It means, "fear of Friday the thirteenth." Let me digress quickly...I'm told there are a bunch of reasons the superstition developed: 13 disciples at the Last Supper, 13 months in the pagan calendar, and a bunch of others I can't recall now.

Anyway, while like $800 million is being lost because certain people won't go anyone or do anything (according to Wikipedia...ohsogreatsite...) out of Friday the thirteenth fear, I'm having the best day of my Junior year to date. And the fourth-to-last-counting-exam-days-day of the same.

Which would actually prove that such a day is definitely NOT intrinsically evil/bad/whatever. Hm.

First off, this morning I had the very last English class I will ever have with Mr. Charlie McGannon in my entire life. That I will ever allow myself to take ever, at least. Funny thing, too. I heard he taught Creative Writing, and in his first class, he burns a sheet of paper and says, "This, boys, is the enemy."

Wow. SososososogladI'llneverofficiallyseethatmanagainaftertheexam.

And so, I left his class, went to ROTC for my last "official" hour in the...well....not-too-bad-but-I-personally-don't-prefer-much military class of Jesuit High. I was thinking just after Master Sgt. clapped for the fact that the military "won out" over the protesters for its use in Vietnam (or at least, that's what I think he was clapping for, I could be wrong...)...I was thinking that, in an ideal world, the military wouldn't exist. It's true. If we could all get along, have peace internationally, there would be no need for international/national/local military or law enforcement.

In fact, in an ideal society, we wouldn't need laws at all. Laws are only there to promote the "common good" and keep us from hurting ourselves and others according to the ethical system that has won democratic acceptance and legal provision. And if we all knew and agreed about what the "common good"/"hurting oneself" was, we wouldn't need laws to reinforce the personal agreements that would keep us all safe.

To undigress, after going to World Geography in place of Civics AP (the exam of which I'm exempt from) because Mr. LeBeau was out today, I found out with great joy, astonishment, and relief that I was exempt from the Algebra II exam. Then, Lunch, where kind friends provided me with pizza and I thanked Mr. Kenny Uhlich for being the awesome friend and teacher that he was for me this year.

After finding out - with much MORE relief and astonishment - that I was exempt from the Chemistry exam in exchange for a probable 89 semester grade, I had my last Christian Morality class with Marc Dillon, a wonderful teacher, and in the middle of the period our entire class left our room and attacked Mr. Uhlich's class one floor above us before I enjoyed a final forty minutes of Latin IV AP.

So that was Junior Year. The most fun I've had at Jesuit so far, the hardest classes/courses I've had so far, the most effort I've put into my grades so far, the most exam exemptions I've ever had, and the most affable new friends I've made to this point.

Thanks be to whomever thanks is owed.

Now, if only I could find a girlfriend....any takers?

Yeah. Wow. I jsut wrote that. And this entry is getting too long.

Peace, all.
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