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Absurdemus! Let us be absurd!

(Please forgive the randomness/perhaps sad-soundingness of the following:)

I think I agree with Sartre. It's all...so....absurd. Absurd that we exist. Absurd that we put any value in anything. Absurd that somehow randomly living matter somehow randomly mutated the adaptation wherein existence and survival became a goal to be aimed at. Absurd that society is...as a friend of mine once said..."society is an attempt to amuse itself." Quite simply true.

But hey, I enjoy existing. And valuing life and other things. And I choose to do so.


Oh, and the universe in and of itself (at least to my limited knowledge) is meaningless. Intrinsically meaningless, that is. For meaning to exist ("meaning" defined as, say..."ordered and purposeful arrangement of parts to communicate an idea to another or to manifest a particular idea in existence"), there must indeed be a Great Intender of Meaning, and since I have no solid reason to believe there is any such being behind all things, thus the universe is intrinsically meaningless.

Not to say we can't (or don't) assign meaning and value and purpose to things, which I love and enjoy and do myself. It's just that the universe itself does not value or assing meaning to things.

Yeah. Hopefully that was random/wierd/strange enough for ya.

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