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Wow, I just re-discovered the "Update Journal" button.

Hey all and happy not yet tomorrow!

It's good to be alive, no?

I figure it is. Undeniable fact of reality. I'm alive. For me to deny it, I'd have to "be" alive, to exist in some self-aware and sentient form of life.

Ha. You lose, doubt.

Hey, look at this!

"I doubt my own existence." Nope, I have to exist in order to create that doubt. I assume I exist in order to create that doubt. Or, at least, I cannot think of how that doubt could exist apart from including the concept of my own existence to make sense of it.

I have faith first in reason, and the only reasonable conclusion i have to come to from reason is that: 1. I exist. 2. I am aware that I exist. 3. The means by which I am conscious are my senses.

These three are self-evident principles of knowledge and undeniable.

I love knowing. And being. And being me. Life's cool.

Peace, ya'll.

Pro Semper Verum Tote Sum,
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